Friday, September 16, 2011

Big Bear and Lil' Bear

Only I'm not so sure which one is which...
Here is our Bear and Liam's Bear that we received at the baby shower last weekend bonding in the nursery. A wonderful gift from my cousin's girlfriend Meagan. I wonder what made her think of us when she saw this... ;)
Bear was a little scared of this new creature at first. He would sort of back away and then come up and poke it with his nose and back away again. Greg eventually just plopped it on him and he sat all still like what in the world did you put on my back I'm afraid to move now. Or maybe more along the lines of if I don’t move will I get a treat? I guess he has some practice from me putting things like sunglasses on him and making him pose for pictures. Which is probably a good thing, since he is now no longer scared of Bear II.
One of the best moments from the baby shower was watching this 10 month old pet Bear (the breathing one) and as he did he would let out this big giant belly laugh. The kind of laugh that just makes everyone around smile from the inside. Well Bear just sat there with his usual expression - ‘dum di dum dum dum- hey, is anyone going to give me food?’ At one point the baby even reached out and grabbed Bear’s tongue. Which I must agree, his tongue looks like an awesome thing to grab when it’s hanging out and flopping all around. Bear was completely unfazed, but again there was a food table that required all of the concentration he had if he was going to teleport any of it to his spot.

I am going to say that Bear officially passed the toddler test! We think he’ll do great with little Liam!

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