Monday, August 22, 2011

2 Dogs?!? Are You Effing Kidding Me??!!??

In short. Yes. It has been a while since I have last written because I have been a bit distracted by all that is going on. We were on vacation in Seattle and our poor puppy Annabelle (who mainly went by Puhpeh!) passed away due to complications from corn cob ingestion while she was at day care. Greg and I have been extremely sad, but trying to focus on happy baby things such as my upcoming shower and moving the crib from wall to wall to determine where it will look best. It is much too late to get a new puppy - get her potty trained and deal with all the constant supervision they need plus an infant. And I know I will be too busy and excited with the new baby to even think about wanting a puppy in a few months, but I kinda still do. I miss my little pup lots. Maybe daddy will get Liam a pup for his first birthday. Especially if I still have baby weight to loose since I know I'll get double the workout chasing a toddler and a pup around the house 24/7. Regardless of when or if we ever do get another pup, we will always miss and remember our dear sweet little Annabelle. She had a great little life and was very well loved! Especially by her big brother Colbert!

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