Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Clothes are NOT Gay!!!

So I can't ever become famous or I will have to apologize for using the word gay in this way - publicly - on the internet for life. But just for the record I am not the one that said it... And yes, this little outfit is rainbow colored and fruity, but it's also A-FREAKING-DORABLE!!! And I love it sooo much! When I am having a bad day or even getting a little freaked about the whole concept of a B-A-B-Y, I like to go peek in the closet at some of the adorable little outfits I have gotten (myself). How can anything that can wear something this cute be anything but perfect??? Besides all baby clothes are a little queer because they are for babies - little itty bitty tiny cute babies. I am sorry dear husband that our baby's clothes are not manly enough for you, but I promise not to paint his nails like Whit's friend did to her little boy. (And by Whit's friend I am obviously referring to the woman in the j. crew catalog - I just have a feeling that they are all her friends, even if they don't know it...)
Though that promise only counts if you are in the same area code.
Just kidding...

kind of...

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  1. bffs with jenna lyons? Oh a girl can dream... :)